Jefferson College of Pharmacy PharmD/MPH

The PharmD/MPH dual degree option is open to students who are currently enrolled at, or who recently graduated from, the Jefferson College of Pharmacy (JCP).

The MPH degree program is flexible and allows PharmD/MPH students to complete their MPH coursework in several ways.

  • Current PharmD students complete their MPH between their 3rd and 4th years of pharmacy education. They complete their MPH coursework on an accelerated timeline.
  • Current PharmD students may complete both degrees simultaneously (concurrent enrollment).
  • PharmD graduates are encouraged to complete their MPH coursework either on a part-time or full-time basis. Applications to the MPH program should be received within 3 years of graduation from JCP.

PharmD/MPH students from JCP may begin in any term (pre-fall, fall, spring or summer).

To meet the requirements of the MPH, PharmD/MPH students will be required to take 33 credits of MPH coursework and meet all program requirements, including, but not limited to, the public health field experience and Capstone project. The MPH program will accept 12 credits of transferred JCP coursework towards the MPH.

PharmD/MPH students may transfer 3 public health courses (9 credits) towards PharmD program as electives.

Current JCP students should meet with academic advisors of both programs to discuss the timeline for MPH coursework completion before applying to the PharmD/MPH dual degree program.

PharmD/MPH students are eligible for a scholarship.

Pharmacists with an MPH degree are prepared to make a difference at the patient's side and in the community. The degree provides advanced training in research and education and informs clinical practice with underserved populations. Pharmacists with an MPH degree assume leadership positions in the healthcare setting, in state and local public health departments, non-governmental health organizations, and in the global context.