Teaching in the Digital Age


College of Rehabilitation Sciences




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16 Months


The curriculum consists of four graduate-level courses (a total of 12 credits) that can be used toward a Doctoral degree.

Course Title


OT 782 Leadership: Moving Beyond Traditional Roles  3 Spring
OT 783 Bridging the Gap between Classroom and Clinical Practice  3 Summer I
OT 784 College Teaching in the Digital Age  3 Fall
OT 785 The Evidence Base of Teaching: Advanced Curriculum Development  3 Fall

Course Descriptions

 3 credits

  • Gain understanding and synthesize information from diverse fields, including leadership theory, health policy, sociopolitical systems, health and disability and health policy
  • Explore various leadership theories
  • Synthesize knowledge from current health, political and social trends to forecast needs and opportunities for the future; analyze how these trends and policies affect heath policy, healthcare professionals and individuals with disabilities

 3 credits

  • Gain an in-depth review of strategies and best practices to prepare entry-level students to enter clinical practice and integrate OT theory and research into practice
  • Learn methods that encourage and capitalize upon the mutual flow of ideas between educator and clinician and have the potential to move practice forward
  • Identify the key strategies of educator/clinician collaboration and negotiation to enhance the use of evidence in daily clinical practice

 3 credits

  • Review the history, theory and trends in higher education that will equip learners with the foundational knowledge necessary for teaching roles in academic settings
  • Examine the theoretical basis and practical application of specific teaching strategies that can be applied in online, classroom and clinical settings
  • Examine topics related to learner issues/needs, motivation and diversity
  • Study principles of course development and delivery of instruction through traditional strategies and newer technologies for online education such as blogs, wikis, web conferencing and virtual environments

3 credits

  • Gain a comprehensive introduction to course development, implementation and evaluation within the context of applicable standards, learning theory and college/university mission
  • Integrate educational theory, research and practice using a full range of delivery strategies including traditional lecture and laboratory formats as well as newer formats such as stimulations, asynchronous and synchronous online discussion, wikis, blogs and podcasts
  • Synthesize concepts and skills from previous courses in the Teaching Certificate (must be taken as the last course in the certificate)

Applying Your Certificate to Our Doctoral Program

Our Doctorate in Occupational Therapy (OTD) curriculum provides an individualized plan of study based on a foundation of coursework in advanced evidence-based practice, leadership, and visionary program development and evaluation.

In the Teaching in the Digital Age specialty area, OTD students take the Certificate courses as their advanced practice courses, along with any additional electives that complement their desired career plan (such as electives in Autism or Dementia Care).

OTD students then complete a mentored Fellowship experience that is an individualized, intensive immersion into a specialized area of occupational therapy with older adults. Areas of focus may include:

  • Program design and evaluation (including the ability to create new practice models or apply current models in novel ways)
  • Educational projects or programs (academic, community, clinical)
  • Protocol or program manual
  • Scoping review
  • Scholarly inquiry project (applied research with a faculty mentor)

Following the Fellowship, students further analyze and disseminate the results from their projects in a final Capstone.

The OTD program may be taken part-time or full-time and is highly flexible and tailored to individual students’ needs. Contact Dr. Susan Toth-Cohen, OTD Program Director, at Susan.Toth-Cohen@jefferson.edu or 215 503-9610 for additional information, including a personalized trajectory plan.

Course Title Credits
Online Tutorial: Evidence-Based Practice 0
OT 603 Research Methods and Mentorship 3
OT 680 Leading Edge Occupational Therapy Practice 3
OT 681 Advanced Occupational Therapy Practicum 6

Course Title Credits
OT 798 OTD Seminar (taken each semester) 1
OT 778 Advanced Evidence-Based Practice 3
OT 782 Leadership: Moving Beyond Traditional Roles * 3
OT 727 Visionary Program Development and Evaluation 3

Course Title Credits
OT 797 Bridging the Gap between Classroom and Clinical Practice 3
OT 797 College Teaching in the Digital Age 3
OT 797 The Evidence Base of Teaching: Advanced Curriculum Development 3
Clinical Fellowship and Capstone 6-12
OT 800, Doctoral Fellowship *** 3-6
OT 801, Doctoral Capstone *** 3-6

* Taken as part of Teaching Certificate

** The courses listed are specifically related to the Certificate: Teaching in the Digital Age. Additional specialty courses and electives are available each semester, including:

  • Cultural Humility and Competence
  • Disability Studies
  • Wellness across the Lifespan 

*** Three credit minimum for therapists with more than three years experience. Six credit minimum for therapists with three or less years experience.