Otolaryngology Research Programs

Annual Research Symposium

Since 2019, the department hosts an annual research symposium where residents, clinical fellows, and research fellows showcase their research. Accolades are also awarded based on participant selection.

Uli Rodeck Research Award

This award is named for Dr. Rodeck who was Professor and Vice Chair of Research in the Department of Dermatology and a valued member of SKCC. His research and collaborations extended broadly through many aspects of oncology, with substantial contributions to the development of EGFR receptor inhibitors, to radiation biology, and immuno-oncology.  He produced over 161 publications, with over 500 different collaborators; his work was cited over 8,000 times over his 40-year career. Dr. Rodeck was the Co-Director of the SCC Working Group and played a key role in its founding and success, contributing to multiple grant applications, the development of clinical trials and publications. 

He mentored and supported numerous residents, students and research fellows in the Department of Otolaryngology. Dr. Rodeck was proposed for appointment in the Department of Otolaryngology, but he had already exceeded the allowed number of academic appointments.

Balshi Prize

The Dr. Stephen F. Balshi Prize was established in 1999 by his children in honor of his fifty-two years in the practice of medicine. Dr. Stephen F. Balshi was a Resident in Otolaryngology at Jefferson Medical College from 1956 through 1959. In establishing this prize, it was the hope of Dr. Balshi’s children to recognize and promote excellence in the Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Residency. The prize has been awarded annually in recognition of an Outstanding Resident clinical case study, presentation or publication. Dr. Balshi passed away on December 16, 2011.

2021-2022 Winners

  • Uli Rodeck Research Award (Research Fellow): Chandala Chitguppi, MD
  • Clinical Fellow: Sean Parsel, DO
  • PGY-4 Research: Vanessa Christopher, MD
  • Balshi Prize: Alexander Duffy, MD

2020-2021 Winners

  • Uli Rodeck Research Award (Research Fellow): Sarah Sussman
  • Clinical Fellow: Yamil Selman, MD
  • PGY-4 Research: Kealan Hobelmann, MD
  • Balshi Prize: Meghan Crippen, MD

2019-2020 Winners

  • Uli Rodeck Research Award (Research Fellow): Uche Nwagu
  • Clinical Fellow: Tawfiq Khoury, MD
  • PGY-4 Research: Jared Goldfarb, MD
  • Balshi Prize: Brian Swendseid, MD

2018-2019 Winners

  • Research Fellow: Chandala Chitguppi
  • Clinical Fellow: Dylan Roden, MD
  • PGY-4 Research: Lauren Bogdan, MD
  • Balshi Prize: Ryan Rimmer, MD