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Orbital Malignancy Multidisciplinary Group


Frequently, orbital tumors require multidisciplinary management including collaborative work between ophthalmology, head and neck surgery, and medical oncology for optimal patient care. TJU and Wills have collaborated for many years to care for patients with advanced or complex orbital malignancies to provide state of the art care and to pioneer the most minimally invasive methods for care. Our group has focused on attempting to provide the best possible cancer outcomes and to preserve vision whenever possible.  We have a unique multidisciplinary team with world leading expertise in orbital malignancies including Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery (ENT), Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Neurosurgery, Pathology and Radiology.


This multidisciplinary group is comprised of specialists from Will’s Eye Hospital and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital with extensive experience in the management of surgical diseases, tumor and malignancy of the orbit. Dr. Carol Shields is a world-renowned specialist in ocular and orbital melanoma as well as orbital malignancy, and has cared for patients from around the globe. Dr. Sara Lally is a recognized expert in orbital tumors with an extensive record of publication. Dr. Takami Sato is a world-renowned medical oncologist specializing in uveal melanoma. Dr. Jennifer Johnson is a medical oncologist with extensive experience in head and neck and orbital malignancy, as well as cutting-edge molecular diagnostics and therapies. Dr. Marlana Orloff is a medical oncologist with extensive expertise in melanoma of the orbit and eye. Dr. Wenyin Shi is a radiation oncologist who specializes in diseases of the brain and orbit with a focus on optimizing therapy while sparing normal structures. Dr. Joseph Curry is a head and neck surgeon who specializes in tumors of the head and neck and complex reconstruction; he has extensive expertise in treating malignancy and tumors in and near the orbit as well as complex reconstruction of this region. The team includes several highly skilled oculoplastic surgeons with significant expertise in orbital and eyelid reconstruction, including Drs. Alison Watson, Michael Rabinowitz, and Jurij Bilyk.


  • To establish a unique multidisciplinary tumor board dedicated to patients with orbital malignancies for review and discussion of cases and to create and offer clinical trials.
  • To drive progress in clinical science and practice forward through multidisciplinary leadership and innovation for optimal patient care.
  • To collaborate and develop scientific inquiry and publication through the combined efforts of ophthalmology, otolaryngology - head and neck surgery and medical oncology.

Clinical Trials