Anti-Racism Education at SKMC

Combating racism – both external and internal – is a journey, rather than a destination.

Daisy Yan, SKMC Class of 2021 Yan, Daisy. Combating Racism Is a Journey. Academic Medicine: March 2, 2021

SKMC is committed to developing physicians who understand the impact that race, racial bias, and individual and structural racism have on patient care and health outcomes. Today, racism continues to negatively affect individuals and communities. SKMC recognizes that combating racism is a process and a journey that we ALL must embark upon. To this effect, the JeffMD curriculum prepares students to recognize health inequities, address disparities in care, and deliver optimal healthcare for individuals and populations.

Over the course of their training, students will reflect on the history of race in medicine and healthcare, unconscious bias, the impact of structural racism and its cumulative effect on social determinants of health. Additionally, students will critically examine the controversy over the use of race in clinical practice, with the ultimate goal of having a full understanding of the pervasive and persistent impact race and racism continue to have on health outcomes.

Conversations surrounding race begin in the pre-clinical curriculum and continue into students’ clinical experiences, where students will have the opportunity to further develop their knowledge and skills to recognize and address racism in clinical practice settings.

SKMC understands that in order to achieve a curriculum that is anti-racist, it must also incorporate anti-racism education within faculty development and GME training. We are ALL learners in pursuit of an anti-racist institution, medical community, and society.