Diversity & Inclusion

Faculty Diversity

Attracting, developing and retaining a diverse faculty is important for the care of patients as well as the education of our students, residents, advanced practice providers, nurses and other health professionals.  The Office of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives (ODII) is involved in the following:

  1. Recruitment: Using a team approach and including SKMC medical students, SKMC faculty, and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital residents, potential faculty candidates are provided with information about employment opportunities at Jefferson.
  2. Faculty Search and Hiring: In 2014, an SKMC Faculty Search and Hiring Policy was developed and implemented. The policy defined diversity and inclusion and provided guidance in assuring a diverse candidate pool the included underrepresented minorities (URM); lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT); those with disabilities; veterans; women in leadership positions and women in medical specialties where women are in the minority.  The ODII assists in the implementation of the policy.
  3. Faculty Development: The ODII, along with the Office of Faculty Affairs, sponsors SKMC faculty to attend a number of programs sponsored by the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC).
  4. New URM individual career counseling meeting: The Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development and the Associate Dean for Diversity and Community Engagement meet with the faculty member early in their first year to provide support and guidance.
  5. Engagement with student affinity groups: The ODII assists with the connection and engagement between URM faculty and student groups supported by ODII.