Diversity & Inclusion

About Us

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives (ODII) supports an institutional framework that acknowledges the importance of a diverse community and an inclusive environment.  ODII promotes initiatives and programs that increase awareness, understanding and sensitivity to the needs of all individuals. Our mission is to support and promote an inclusive environment that embraces and celebrates the diversity of our people.

The office provides students, residents, faculty, and staff with a cooperative, safe and supportive environment and assists in preparing them with an education in caring for patients with diverse backgrounds.

To achieve its mission, the ODII has established the following goals:

  • Enhanced diversity amongst faculty, residents, students, and staff
  • Structural and cultural competence of its learners and providers
  • Improved health equity for its patients
  • Engage the Thomas Jefferson University community

ODII plays a central role in promoting diversity, inclusion and cultural competency through its interaction and collaboration with a variety of offices and schools. This work reduces health and education disparities, increases student body and faculty diversity, and promotes an inclusive environment for the entire university.


Bernard L. Lopez, MD
Associate Provost for Diversity & Inclusion, Thomas Jefferson University
Senior Associate Dean, Diversity and Community Engagement
Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine

Ronald Hall, MD
Assistant Dean, Diversity and Student Diversity Programs
Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine

Sabrina Roper
Administrative Assistant,
Office of Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives