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Tutoring Now

  • Peer tutors are fellow students who are recommended by faculty and receive training. Consult the schedule on our Peer Tutoring page.
  • Supplemental instruction leaders are also students who facilitate weekly interactive group review sessions for select courses.
  • Academic workshops are offered for a variety of subjects throughout the semester, including math, writing, and academic success skills. Some workshops will be posted on the Academic Success Center website to view at your convenience.
  • Professional tutors are faculty/staff with graduate degrees. Subjects include: writing, math, academic success skills, Biology, English-language learning, and more.

Please schedule appointments online by using Starfish: log in with student campus key and password or contact for help.

What kinds of sessions are available?

For math, students can choose a drop-in tutoring session or make an appointment for one-on-one tutoring. We are holding drop-in tutoring on Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30 – 2 pm in Downs Room 2.  No appointment is necessary. You do not have to stay for the whole session – just drop in and leave as needed. To make an appointment for individual tutoring, either schedule an appointment through Starfish or email Ellen Knapp. When you make the appointment, you can choose in-person, or Zoom. 

What else do I need to prepare? 

It would be good to know what questions you want to ask, and specific problems you would like help with. But if you say “I don’t get anything,” well, we can work with that too!

What kinds of sessions are available?  

For writing, students can choose a Zoom video conference or for a tutor to give focused comments in the margins of the paper in an asynchronous format, meaning we will return comments to the student’s Jefferson email after the tutor works on the paper. Through Zoom, students can share the document with a tutor and work on it together. We also offer in-person sessions in Haggar Hall or the library. When you sign up through Starfish, the location will be included.  

How do I choose between asynchronous comments and Zoom video sessions/in-person?

Video and in-person conferences are best if students want an appointment for early on in the writing process, as a tutor can help with brainstorming and outlining. Video and in-person conferences are also best for discussing whether or not the student is on the right track or feels stuck with a draft because we find the conversation is key to a successful tutoring session in these cases. 

While we can also make comments on the writing process in our emailed comments, asynchronous appointments are best for feedback on the big picture, as well as checking organization of ideas, citation style, and overall polish. 

How do I set up an appointment?  

For all writing appointments, we offer asynchronous online feedback via email or a Zoom video conference or in-person meeting with one of our nine professional writing tutors.  

Students should allow up to 48 hours (Monday through Friday) for asynchronous feedback. If choosing a Zoom or in-person session, students can sign up through Starfish. For Zoom sessions, at the start of the appointment time, the student will get an email to their Jefferson account with a link to start the session. For in-person sessions, students should check in at the front desk for appointments in Haggar Hall or follow the instructions in the confirmation email for appointments in the library.  

What else do I need to prepare?

For online asynchronous appointments, we also ask that students attach the draft as a Word document and include anything that will help guide the tutor, like an assignment description, prompt, or rubric. If the student has questions, they can include those to guide the tutor’s comments. Email the paper to Lauren-Elise Kadel

What if I want more structured support?

We can also set up repeating weekly appointments with the same tutor so students have time dedicated just to writing. If students are frequent users of our services, if they are working on a longer project, or if they have many courses requiring papers, this is a good option. 

The Writing Assistance Program at Jefferson’s East Falls campus strives to create a welcoming, accessible environment where students can come to receive individualized writing instruction in engaging tutoring sessions. Our trained, professional writing tutors assist Jefferson undergraduate and graduate students with writing assignments for any course, at any stage of the writing process. 

The Writing Assistance Program envisions tutoring as a process of empowerment; we aim to help students succeed independently as a writer by developing a long-term, complex skill set. In other words, we want to help make students better writers for life, not just for one assignment. 

The Academic Success Center is also the primary academic advising resource for first-year students (including transfer students).  Each first-year and transfer student is assigned a specific academic advisor in the Academic Success Center. Please email your advisor to set up an appointment.

Advisors are teaching faculty who are familiar with courses and academic policies. Advisors can help students:

  • Make good academic choices and decisions
  • Learn the requirements for particular majors
  • Select courses

Advisors also:

  • Monitor students’ academic progress
  • Help students become familiar with University policies
  • Suggest strategies for classroom success
  • Refer students to appropriate University services

All first-year students are expected to meet with an advisor during the first 8 weeks of their first semester and before registering for the next semester’s courses. Students should also see an advisor if they:

  • Are thinking about changing majors or aren’t sure what their major should be
  • Plan to take courses at another institution
  • Wish to take a leave of absence or withdraw from the university
  • Have questions about the allocation of transfer credits from other institutions
  • Have any questions about academic requirements or policies.

For any advising questions, please e-mail