Academic Success Center

Math Tutoring

The Academic Success Center, on the East Falls campus, has both professional and peer tutors on staff to help students become better at learning math and practicing problem-solving strategies.

An Academic Skills tutor can also help with math anxiety and improving study techniques.

We offer individual math appointments every day with professional tutors and with peer tutors. 

For Fall 2023, group drop-in tutoring (all math levels) meets every Tuesday and Thursday,  12:30 - 2:00 pm, in Downs Room 2.

To Make an Appointment

To make an appointment, either follow the Starfish login link on this page, using your campus key and password, or email, listing some days and times that you are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. A tutor will not solve the problems for you, but will guide you as you work through them yourself.

First, try to do the work yourself. Then, identify specific problems you find confusing or difficult. You will not have time to work on everything with the tutor, so focusing the session around your most important questions is crucial.

Collaborative learning in course-specific workshops is fun and engaging—in fact, many students make friends by coming regularly to workshops. You may also come to appointments in pairs if you prefer not to come alone.

Tutoring is most effective early on—before you find yourself struggling. Coming a week or two before a test will also help you study better on your own.

Yes! Students may make two appointments per week, plus attending any Drop-In hours or workshops.

That’s up to you. You can always select the math tutor when you make your appointment.

Students often tell their professors they have been to tutoring because it shows they care about the course. If a professor specifically asks, the Academic Success Center will let them know that you have come for tutoring.