Facilities Operations & Maintenance

Project Updates

Recently Completed Projects

  • Roxboro House /Arlen Specter Center for Public Policy
  • University Academic Space Planning
  • Hayward Hall Surface Printing Lab
  • Search Hall Renovation Phase 1 conversion for CABE
  • Ravenhill Dining Hall “Ravenhub”
  • ACUPCC Climate Action Plan
  • Science Lab renovations and upgrades (continued)
  • Building Automation Enhancements (continued)
  • Ravenhill Mansion Roof Replacement
  • Search Server Room HVAC enhancements & redundancy
  • Tennis court resurfacing
  • PhilaU Physical Plant “App”
  • New Fortess / Mott security station
  • Mansion adjunct faculty areas
  • New townhouse kitchens & flooring
  • Independence Plaza heat pump conversion
  • Four state-of-the-art Nexus Learning Hubs
  • A&D center studio renovations & repower
  • Gutman Library main floor carpeting
  • Search Hall roof replacement
  • Haggar Hall Academic Success Center enhancements

Projects in Planning and Process

  • Institutional Plan and Zoning Conversion
  • NJ Physician Assistant facilities
  • Independence Plaza grounds and entry enhancements.
  • New Health Science Center
  • Fashion Textiles Futures Center
  • Energy savings enhancements (next phase)
  • CABE continued improvements
  • PURC relocation to main campus
  • Nexus Learning Hubs (continuation)
  • Fortess Residence Hall Renovations
  • Mott Hall Renovations