Finance for Staff

Cash Handling & Deposits

  • University deposits are made daily.
  • When checks require deposit, complete a Standard Cash Deposit form and hand deliver or place in interdepartmental mail to:
    • Curtis Center, Suite 925E
  • When currency (including money orders) requires deposit, complete a Standard Cash Deposit form and hand deliver to:
    • Curtis Center, Suite 925E.  Please use the elevators located behind the lobby fountain as all elevator banks in the building do not provide access to our suite
    • Wait for cashier to count in your view
  • Departments expecting a wire transfer should notify Treasury Operations and complete a Wire Transfer Authorization form and deliver to:
    • 511A Scott
  • Deposits returned from bank:
    • for non-sufficient funds will be re-deposited a second time
    • for any other reason will be returned to originating department to obtain a replacement check
  • Foreign checks will reflect the exchange rate net of bank conversion fees, if any
  • University departments with a high cashiering volume may be eligible to present their deposits directly to the bank.:
    • contact us to determine eligibility
    • once approved, submit  electronic  Standard Deposit Upload Sheet to for each deposit
  • If reclass or correction of a deposit required, complete a Request for Cash Transfer

Ensuring Success Tidbits

  • Make timely deposits.
  • Complete a Standard Cash Deposit Form to accompany your deposit.
  • Complete a separate Standard Cash Deposit Form when checks and currency.
  • Deliver unidentified checks payable to the University to Curtis Center, Suite 925E.