Finance for Staff

Operational Notes & Procedures

The Chart of Accounts provides for comprehensive financial analysis and reporting.

Structure uses "chartfields" to record financial transactions:

  • AP business unit (3 digit) - represents legal entity
  • GL business unit (3 digit) - represents company or organizational unit
  • Department (5 digit) - represents area using the dollars
  • Account (4 digit) - represents what the dollars are used for
  • Product (6 digit) - optional-represents further delineation of where the dollars come from such as endowment fund, sponsored project, gift fund, special purpose fund

Accounts for FY Activity (PDF)

Accounts for FY Requisitions (PDF)

Accounts for Procurement Card Transactions (secure)

East Falls

Business Units

Department Sorted by New Value OR Cost Center

Accounts Sorted by New Value OR Object Code

Requests for a new University or JUP department, product or account must be approved by your divisional financial officer and should be forwarded to the Director of Accounting

  • New department/product
  • Department name
  • Home department
  • Timekeeper name
  • Timekeeper location
  • Timekeeper extension
  • New account
  • Account name
  • Account purpose
  • Business unit and department related to account/product
  • Manager ID (9 digit employee number) for department/product

Ensuring Success Tidbits

Use valid chartfield combination on transactions:


Jefferson Policies and Procedures, accessible via Canvas (fournd in left navigation, after logging in).

  • #103.16 Special Purpose Fund Accounts
  • #102.11 The Jefferson Foundation Gift Acceptance Policies
  • #103.27 Endowment Spending Policy

Find decriptions, purview and contact information for each Enterprise Finance Department.

PeopleSoft Financials

PeopleSoft Financials includes Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Asset Management and houses data supporting financial transactions generally recorded in the form of revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities and fund balances. This information is reported in the form of financial statements such as balance sheets, income statements, and budget variance reports.