Smart Highrise Studio

1301 Market Street

Timber Frame Tower

This building aims to use the latest building techniques and methods, such as timber frame construction, to produce a more sustainable, eco-friendly building for the city of Philadelphia. This building will also use state-of-the-art systems such as solar energy, water collection systems, and low-flow water fixtures, among other systems to ensure that the building is self-sustaining and net-carbon neutral. The building will aim to provide residents with larger,  more accommodating urban spaces to live in, as this was an issue highlighted by the recent pandemic.

  • Mission: To design and build a skyscraper that will be a pioneer in the country’s efforts to become net-carbon neutral by 2030 through the use of sustainable technologies, systems, and construction methods
  • Vision: Using the latest technology and systems to provide better, more sustainable urban residences in a post-pandemic world.

The program within the building is separated both visually and physically through the use of community green spaces. In the previous two diagrams, you can see the separation of the program and the location of all the different green spaces throughout the building. As with the program in the building, the green spaces also progress vertically throughout the building from public to private.

Shown here are diagrams representing form transformation and considerations made towards the final two-skin facade tower.

  • Project by Tyler Sarnoski