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Modu Air Purifier

Multi-functional Modular Air Purifier

Air pollution has been an issue for humanity since the Industrial Revolution. The number of hazardous chemicals being added to our air has only been exacerbated in the past 200 years by human technology. We dump tons of CO2 into the air with little to zero effort to mitigate how much we contribute.

Project goals: clean a 6x6x6 ft space to allow for indoor seating. Provide clean air on the individual, human scale. Later generations allow varying scales and purposes, i.e. car-plugin, backpack, speaker or lighting.

Once the air passes through the storage tank, it would travel through a tube that is connected to a face shield or mouth guard. When a hiker or scuba diver requires oxygen, they would simply breathe through the device and the device would automatically controls the output. This would diminish the risk of causing the user to lose consciousness via over-oxygenation. The two different design options allow for varying levels of customization for users. In the case of a COVID-infected world, the face shield option would be ideal supplying filtered air directly for individual use and protecting them from viral transmission.

  • Product Development Project by Patrick Papia