Smart Highrise Studio

Medical Holistic Therapy Tower

Medical Holistic Therapy Tower

  • Mission Statement: To be the leading Health institute to prevent and solve Philadelphia’s people’s health conflicts using technology, holistic strategies, and medicine.
  • Vision Statement: The building that answers the people of Philadelphia’s health problems and creates a successful path to medical solutions and post-medical therapy.

Using an assessment loop system mixed with occupational therapy on a health and personal level to solve Philadelphia’s health issues. This is done by creating a relationship between a medical and psychological professional for each client that focuses on accessing the health problem from how it started to where it’s at now with the patient face to face. Next, determine solutions to solving the problem and access these options through a loop system. The loop system can access the effectiveness of solutions and provide statistical analysis for future clients.

The tower is designed to have all programs in mind with the therapy process and nutrition is a key one. Healthy nutrition can reduce aches and inflammation making our movements feel healthy.

  • Project by Zachary Leary