Urban Innovation Devices


Improving Road Safety

Life Save was created with the idea that we can improve the safety of all bike riders, pedestrians, and motorcyclists in the city.

 For a small price of $4.99 per month, users get access to a map with many benefits compared to what car safety technologies have nowadays. This includes 360 deg cameras, infrared motion detection and visualization at night, GPS and visual/audio alerts to try and keep you safe. It can also be used to highlight the safest routes possible to be taken instead of the “shortest” route. The GoPro Equipment will only cost an initial $150 to get set up. 

The process is extremely easy to connect, you attach the GoPro camera to your helmet and then turn on the Life-_Save+ App and boom! You are ready to be the safest biker on the road!

  • Product Development Project by Dan Trifoi.