Smart Highrise Studio

Research Tower

Textile Design & Transdisciplinary Innovation

Textile refers to any material made of interlacing fibres. From apparel to geo-textiles, from automotive textiles to architectural textiles, from industrial textiles to medical textiles, there are unlimited uses for textiles. The focus of T2 Tower is on the subjects of design, textile technology, and textile management and the investigation of definitions, methods, and models for the development and application of textiles and fashion in research, industry, and society at large.  Through transdisciplinary innovation, T2 Tower explores the ways in which new textiles and textile expressions will change our ways of working and living.

  • Mission: The mission of T2 Research Tower is to inspire, prepare and grow the next generation of the advanced fibre and fabric industry through transdisciplinary innovation and collaboration in order to develop and employ sustainable fabrics of the future.
  • Vision: To break down the walls between textiles, design, and engineering through transdisciplinary collaboration to solve real-world problems.

Goals: To incorporate parking for the campus as well as retail to reflect the fashion district. Residential units on upper floors for housing with the textiles innovation hub separating the commercial and residential uses. To combat excessive pollution by incorporating sustainable facade systems and abundant green space to improve air quality and enhance the beauty and environmental quality of the centre city.

  • Project by Matthew Moser