Facility Information

Code of Conduct

Facility membership carries with it the responsibility of appropriate conduct. Violation of any rules or other behavior deemed by the staff or management to be detrimental to the safety of others may result in a suspension or loss of membership privileges.

  • For safety, security, and utilization tracking, all participants must present their valid ID card at the Front Desk upon entering the facility.
  • Before using the facility, all participants must complete the membership or guest registration procedure and pay the appropriate fees.
  • The locker rooms are to be used to store clothes, bags, valuables, etc. No bags or backpacks are permitted in the facility. The Jefferson Recreation & Fitness Center is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings.
  • Participants are expected to be courteous to each other and to Rec Center staff. Courteous behavior includes, but is not limited to, appropriate language.
  • Appropriate exercise clothing and shoes are required for use of the facility. Shirts are to be worn at all times. Inappropriate clothing includes, but is not limited to, sandals, flip-flops, jeans. Please refer to facility dress code for specific guidelines.
  • Please be mindful of proper personal hygiene by showering regularly, wearing clean clothing, and using deodorant.
  • In the event of a guest, the "Guest Policy" must be signed by both the member/student and strictly followed.
  • Abuse of the equipment will not be tolerated. This includes dropping of dumbbells and weight plates, and allowing weight stacks to fall in an uncontrolled manner. Collars should be used on bars at all times. Weight plates and dumbbells should be returned to proper rack when finished.
  • The use of cell phones is prohibited while utilizing any piece of exercise equipment, including all cardio machines.
  • There are guidelines posted in specific areas of the fitness center for behavior, equipment, and proper use of the area and equipment in that area.
  • Staff-led orientation sessions are available upon request, by appointment only.
  • The Jefferson Recreation & Fitness Center is a multiuse facility. Use of the gymnasium, pool, and group exercise studios are limited at times, due to intramural sports, co-curricular courses, and special events. Please check the posted schedules for details regarding any restrictions.
  • Members and guests may not provide personal training services, nutritional products, or other goods and services in the JRFC.

As needed, the TJU Security Department can and will be called to help enforce these policies.

The management reserves the right to amend and add to these conditions of membership and rules as necessary. 

Should a member or student fail to meet the conditions as described above or display conduct unbecoming of a Jefferson affiliate, JRFC management reserves the right to suspend or revoke employee/alumni/retiree/guest/visitor memberships and student access privileges.

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