Fitness Training

Group Exercise Programming

Group exercise classes are free for all full-time Jefferson students and included in the membership cost of all Jefferson Recreation & Fitness Center members.

Enjoy variety, flexibility, and fun with our exciting and challenging group exercise classes. Classes are designed to provide a balanced workout routine. The group exercise offers a diverse range of cardiovascular training, strength training, and flexibility. Mix and match, the option is yours.

Please see our social media pages for current group fitness schedules.

Aisha Shabazz

Aisha has been teaching at Jefferson for two months. She teaches Vinyasa Yoga, and her classes generally involve poses that cultivate strength. She encourages her students to notice the beautiful subtleties of life through their yoga practice. Her favorite part about teaching is being able to provide positive encouragement. Fun fact: She loves sports mascots - Gritty and she just became BFFs. Life philosophy: Life is too short to walk around without a healthy dose of laughter. She hopes to see you at one of her classes!

Timaree Schmit

Timaree has been teaching at Jefferson for a billion thousand years (actually just since 2011). She teaches pilates, spin, and dance boot camp. They're super different but all a ton of fun. It's super important to her that everyone finds a way to work out that makes them feel stronger, powerful, and beautiful. She loves teaching at the JRFC because the members are so cool and hard working. She has made a lot of friends here.

Brian Love

Brian has been teaching at the JRFC for two months. He teaches power Vinyasa yoga. His classes generally involve a makeup of yoga poses that build strength and core. His favorite part about teaching is seeing participants feel empowered. In addition to teaching, he is also a graphic artist and can be seen walking his dog, Ziggy, around campus.

Stephen Doll

Stephen has been teaching at Jefferson for 11 years. He teaches Spinning and Splash and Burn (swimming boot camp). His class/classes generally involve a makeup of cardio and strength exercises. His favorite part about teaching is motivating people to reach their true potential. He loves teaching at the JRFC because of the diversity of students, faculty, and staff. It’s great to interact. Come and check out his classes.