Facility Information

Facility Dress Code

  • Closed-toe footwear is mandatory in the workout areas at all times. No bare feet are allowed at any time. When utilizing the platforms in the free-weight room, shoes may be removed while using the platform, but must be worm between sets and while walking off the platform. Water shoes or flip flops are permitted only when walking from the locker room to the pool.
  • For classes in which specific footwear or bare feet are allowed (i.e., yoga, ballet), please wear closed-toe shoes when walking from the locker room to the class studio and back.
  • Shirts or sports bras must be worn at all times.
  • It is requested that all printed shirts carry appropriate advertising, and no profane or inflammatory messages.
  • Jeans or pants with belts, buckles, and/or zippers that may result in damage to equipment upholstery are not permitted.
  • For sauna use, street shoes or clothing with exposed buckles, zippers, rivets, or similar that may result in injury to the wearer are not permitted.
  • No hospital scrubs will be permitted into the facility in any capacity.
  • Facility staff reserves the right to determine the acceptability of all items listed above.