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  • East Falls Campus
  • College of Health Professions

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Program Length
2-3 years

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  • Hybrid

Program Format
Part-time or Full-time

Bachelor's Degree
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Position: Assistant Professor, Program Director
Name: Midwifery & Women’s Health Programs
Organization: Jefferson – Center City Campus

130 S. Ninth Street, Suite 960
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Certified Midwife Pathway

The Midwifery Institute at Jefferson is committed to ensuring access to accredited, graduate education in midwifery to a diverse pool of qualified applicants. The Midwifery Institute at Jefferson is currently the only distance learning program offering the CM option to a national pool of qualified candidates. Because this credential is not yet widely recognized, students who take this educational pathway are true pioneers in the discipline. While we encourage all students to join their state professional association affiliate, this is particularly important for anyone considering the CM pathway.


The CM pathway is part of our accredited Master of Science and Post-Graduate certificate programs, starting during the spring or fall semester.

About the Pathway Program

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline and demonstrate that they have met all of the required prerequisites to midwifery education prior to admission.

Upon successful completion of the CM Pathway courses and the MS in Midwife program, these students will be eligible to sit the American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB) exam to become Certified Midwives (CMs).

About Midwife Certification & Regulatory Issues

While the certified midwife credential has been in existence for more than a two decades, growth of this group of midwives has been hampered by state regulatory issues and a dearth of educational programs. However, a renewed media interest in normal birth and midwifery and a sense of midwifery as its own discipline has opened a window of opportunity. CMs can be licensed in Maine, Virginia, New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Oklahoma, and Hawaii. Legislative initiatives are underway in a number of additional states to obtain legal recognition of the Certified Midwife credential. 

Due to VISA restrictions, we are only able to accept U.S. citizens and permanent residents into our program at this time. Midwives educated abroad, who are also U.S. permanent residents, are encouraged to apply.  

CM Pathway Requirements

Our computer environment is intuitive and easy to use and the course starts with an orientation; however, students will need to have basic knowledge of computer skills, MS Word, PowerPoint, file organization, and Internet use. 

Students will need:

  • A computer with good internet connection. Generally a Mac or PC that is two to three years old will be sufficient.
  • Logitech headset with USB port capabilities (or similar product) 
  • A telephone near the computer and earbuds or a telephone headset
  • Dual monitor access is strongly recommended by current students

Students must show proof of professional liabilty insurance coverage for malpractice liability prior to starting clinical rotations. This insurance is readily available to students through the University and the ACNM partner company, Contemporary Insurance Services. The fee for the supplemental insurance through Contemporary Insurance Services is billed when students register for MIDW.640 Preparation for Full-Scope Practice. Students are responsible for their own medical and dental care while enrolled in the program. Students must show proof of health insurance available through employers, state exchanges, or the university's contracted student health insurance vendor.  Students may need to submit to, and be financially responsible for, any reasonable health screening that is required by a clinical agency beyond that required by The Midwifery Institute at Jefferson for admission.

At the Midwifery Institute at Jefferson, clinical placements are a joint responsibility of both the student and faculty member. Jefferson sees clinical placement as a partnership. Matriculated students are supported and expected to network in search of a clinical site that meets their clinical and career objectives. Clinial sites must be located within a state the recognizes the CM credential for licensure. In the event that a student is unable to locate a clinical site, progression in the program may be delayed and/or they may be required to travel for available clinical placements.In addition to the CM Pathway courses and on-campus lab week in the first semester, the program is an additional six semesters of full time study. The first three semesters include didactic courses only. The next two semesters include didactic and office based clinical courses requiring 12-16 hours per week of clinical. During the last two semesters, didactic work continues and the clinical experience includes all phases of labor, birth and primary reproductive and sexual healthcare up to 40 hours per week, and may include nights and weekends. Only part-time employment should be considered during the first five semesters.