Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine


  • Center City Campus
  • College of Life Sciences

Degree Earned

  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Doctorate

Program Length

4-5 Years

Program Type

  • On Campus


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Student Resources

Student Liaisons 

The Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine (CBRM) Student Liaisons are an important part of our program. They act as approachable intermediaries between the CBRM student body and the CBRM program director. They are the go-to people of the students who may have concerns or need assistance to outline how to approach areas of the program. They assist the education coordinator with support concerning special events and during the application and interviewing process of candidates.

Liaisons have their position for two years. After two years the liaisons choose candidates to replace them. 

Stanley Conaway Stanley Conaway
Alexus Kolb Alexus Kolb
Grace Tartaglia Grace Tartaglia

Policies & Guidelines

Preliminary Exam Procedures (PDF)
Students in the CBRM program take this comprehensive exam in the second year of enrollment in the graduate program.

Jefferson College of Life Sciences Policies
Source for all JCLS policies, including those for all PhD Programs.