Quality & Safety Initiatives

Improvement Committee

The Quality Improvement (QI) Committee is led by the Department’s QI team  and includes representatives from every division with expertise and interest in continuous quality improvement. The committee provides participants with a forum for sharing QI projects, learning QI methodology from each other, and brainstorming solutions to shared challenges. Committee members collaborate to address the Department’s dimensions of quality, including safety, effectiveness and efficiency, as well as patient-centered, equitable and timely care. Involvement of house staff and fellows is encouraged and seen as instrumental in their education.

Cardiology: Yair Lev, MD

Endocrinology: Eric Shiffrin, MD

Gastroenterology: Jorge Prieto, MD

Hematology: Reuben Rhoades, MD

Hospital Medicine: Jenny Wang, MD

Infectious Diseases:

Internal Medicine: Edgar Chou, MD, Karen Scoles, MD, and Christine Soutendijk, MD

Nephrology: Hasan Arif, MD

Pulmonary: Jessica Most, MD, David Oxman, MD

Residency: Alexis Wickersham MD , Michelle Hannon, MD, Evan Nardone, MD

Rheumatology: Giorgios Loizidis, MD