Neurocritical Care

Training Program Curriculum

Mission & Goals

  • Expansive and comprehensive clinical training in both the neurocritical care unit as well as other ICUs.
  • Gradually increasing independence with progression through training program
  • Diverse research experiences
  • Hands on personalized procedural training
  • Comprehensive didactic schedule

Clinical Rotations

First Year Fellow

  • 6 months Neuro-ICU (evenly distributed amongst Gibbon NICU, JHN 6 NICU and JHN 8 NICU)
  • 2 months- Affiliated Intensive Care Unit Training: Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU), Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU), Cardiac Care Unit (CCU), Cardiothoracic Care Unit (CTICU) -amount in each depends on fellows background and prior exposure
  • 1 month Vascular Neurology service
  • 1 month Neuroanesthesia and Airway Management
  • 1 month Research
  • 1 month Elective

Second Year Fellow

  • 6 months Neuro-ICU (evenly distributed amongst Gibbon NICU, JHN 6 NICU and JHN 8 NICU)
  • 4 months Elective
  • 2 month Research

Elective Rotations

  • May be personalized for each fellow
  • Previous electives include: critical care EEG, ECHO lab (training alongside Cardiology fellows), transcranial doppler ultrasound

Rotation Schedule

The fellows rotate in 2 week blocks.  Each fellow’s schedule is set up for 2 weeks in one of the Neuro-ICU’s followed by 2 weeks of an “out” rotation, either in an affiliated ICU, vascular neurology, anesthesia, elective, or research.  See below for a sample year-long schedule.  There is 4 weeks of vacation provided each year as well.

Weekly Conferences

  • Protected research time and didactics Wednesdays from 12PM-5PM
  • Even while on service
  • Conferences
    • NCC Conferences - Thursdays 12PM
    • Faculty and Fellows will present topics
    • All Fellows will present a minimum of two topics per year
    • Stroke Conference - Wednesdays at 7AM
    • Stroke Fellows will take turns in presenting patients
    • NICU Fellows will present a total of two topics per year while on their  stroke service weeks    
    • Critical Care Grand Rounds - Wednesdays at 12PM
    • Neurology M&M (quarterly), Stroke M&M (quarterly)
    • Neurosurgey Grand Rounds - Mondays at 5PM
    • Neurology Grand Rounds - Fridays at 8AM


Fellows on-call responsibilities include a Q4 at-home call structure.  The overnight on-call fellow is responsible for handling phone calls from the junior and senior neurology residents about Neuro-ICU patients. The fellow is also the first contact for the transfer center and directs patient placement to the ICUs. Fellows have the ability to remotely login via telepresence to evaluate any patient in the ICU before deciding on whether or not to go to the hospital