Cerebrovascular/Stroke Fellowship

Thomas Jefferson University System is a 926 bed medical center that houses a total of 40 NICU beds, in addition to a 22-bed Acute Stroke Unit.  In this environment, stroke fellows will learn to become leaders in the academic field of cerebrovascular disease. Fellowship can be tailored to meet each fellow’s goals and interests. 

Jefferson Hospital for the Neurosciences, dedicated for the departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery along with the Farber Institute for Neurosciences, has a 26-bed Neuro-intensive Care Unit. This provides a total of 52 neurointensive care beds and 22 separate Acute Stroke Unit beds within the Jefferson University System. Jefferson is a major referral center for stroke and critically ill neurology and neurosurgery patients for tri-state areas.

Thomas Jefferson Comprehensive Stroke Program is an ACGME-accredited program offering a one-year fellowship in cerebrovascular disease. We offer intensive clinical training in diagnosis and treatment of cerebral infarction, transient brain ischemic and brain hemorrhagic as well as clinical research training. The one-year fellowship position will offer rotations in the 22-bed in-patient acute stroke unit and stroke service, the stroke consultation service, and in-patient rehabilitAmple opportunities are available for clinical research study with large volume of patient data. 

Selected Publications