Neuromuscular Disease Fellowship

Dr. Rostami


Name: Ericka S. Wong, MD
  • Program Director, Neuromuscular Fellowship
  • Clinical Assistant Professor
Organization: Jefferson Hospital for Neurosciences
Telephone: 215-955-1234

For Program Information

Name: Deborah Salvatore
Telephone: 215-955-4967

For Program Information

Name: Bruce R. Allen
Position: Education Coordinator III
Organization: Department of Neurology

901 Walnut Street
Suite 400
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Telephone: 215-955-4967

The Neuromuscular/EMG Fellowship at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital offers a one-year ACGME-approved clinical Neurophysiology fellowship in electromyography and clinical neuromuscular disorders offering broad exposure to all aspects of neuromuscular diseases. 

Fellows learn electrophysiologic techniques including nerve conduction studies, repetitive nerve stimulation, needle EMG with semi-quantitative motor unit analysis and 'single fiber' EMG. They also develop experience in clinical evaluation of patients with neuromuscular diseases, muscle and nerve histopathology., therapeutics including novel applications of immunotherapies, and participation in clinical trials initiated by the division or as part of multicenter studies. At the completion of their fellowship, they become highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral neuropathies, myopathies with emphasis the inflammatory myopathies, neuromuscular junction disorders, motor neuron diseases and stiff-person syndrome. They also learn how to apply new therapies in autoimmune neuromuscular disorders and how best to conduct clinical trials with new therapeutic agents.