Academic Programs

Medical Student Education

Courses Offered

Third Year

OTOL 352 Otolaryngology Selective

Clinical experiences in otolaryngology are provided in the office, hospital and operating room. Students will work with residents and faculty and participate in care of patients and morning rounds, rotating with attendings during their office hours, and spend time observing and participating in surgical cases. A didactic series will cover the important aspects of otolaryngology relevant to all facets of medicine.

Fourth Year

OTOL 401 Senior Clerkship in Otolaryngology

Students are assigned to the Otolaryngology Service at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. They have an opportunity to work with each of the attendings, attend surgery, work in the outpatient clinics, make rounds on a daily basis, participate in Grand Rounds and go to teaching conferences which are held on a regular basis on Wednesdays. Students attend a series of clinical conferences on the various aspects of otolaryngology and outpatient clinics where they are instructed in history taking, physical examination, differential diagnosis and a course of management. They write progress notes and orders, which are reviewed and signed by resident faculty. Students are treated as though they are junior interns.

OTOL 425 Research

This course will provide students with a concentrated research experience within this specialty discipline. The specific research project and tasks will be agreed upon by the student and faculty advisor/PI, and approved by the departmental research course director.

OTOL 440 Advanced Otolaryngology Elective

The Advanced Otolaryngology Elective is for students interested in the specialty and functions to further education on proper techniques of routine outpatient procedures and fundamentals of patient care. Students will partake in both online and in-person lectures along with office, wards, and OR centric patient care. They will attend didactics, tumor board, research meetings with residents and fellows.

Visiting Student Rotation

Students from other medical schools can apply to join the department for a four-week acting internship in their fourth year. During the acting internship, students have the opportunity to learn about the department and residency program first-hand, joining the clinical teams on daily rounds, on consults, in surgery and in educational conferences. They spend time in the clinic with the department chair, program director and additional faculty members. Visiting students also have the opportunity to present their research activities to the department during Grand Rounds. Students can apply for the rotation through the AAMC Visiting Student Application Service.

A scholarship is available for students who identify as coming from a group historically underrepresented in medicine. These funds are available to offset the expenses of travel and lodging during the rotation. For additional information, contact Karen Keane, Education Coordinator,


Jefferson Otolaryngology Society

Jefferson Otolaryngology Society, or JeffENT, is the student-run otolaryngology interest group at Sidney Kimmel Medical College. Below is a list of various opportunities and events that are offered to give students ways to get involved in otolaryngology at Jefferson and beyond. To get involved, please email


  • Jefferson Otolaryngology Society Research Directors along with Research Fellows match students with research projects within the department
  • Students have opportunities to engage in clinical, basic science, and animal-based research

Clinical Skills

  • Otolaryngology-related clinical skills' event held once a year with fourth-year medical students and residents teaching attendees how to throw basic surgical stitches and ties, how to use an otoscope, tuning fork, and flexible nasopharygolaryngoscopy (NPL) scope, how to complete a basic head and neck exam, and more


  • Shadowing opportunities in the Jefferson Department of Otolaryngology are organized by the Jefferson Otolaryngology Society
  • Scrub training is available


  • Mentorship pairings available for first- through third-year medical students to be matched with third- or fourth-year medical students
  • These pairings are to give those students considering a career in otolaryngology a chance to ask for advice concerning clerkships, research, residency applications, and beyond

Journal Club

  • Journal clubs give students opportunities to read about relevant topics for otolaryngology and other clerkships and discuss with residents and other students

Lecture Series

  • Lecture series focusing on otolaryngology-related topics geared towards first- through third-year medical students relevant to the JeffMD curriculum and clinical rotations