Acute Care Surgery

Our Trauma Injury Prevention and Outreach Program aims to provide educational programming free of charge to community members in Center City and surrounding areas. 

Through analysis of our trauma registry, we identify opportunities to intervene and help prevent accidental injury and unintentional harm.  

Our multidisciplinary team involves staff nurses, therapists and members of all of the various disciplines directly involved in the care of acutely ill and injured trauma patients.

  • Trauma prevention fairs
  • Educational programs at local senior communities:
  • Targeted interventions at area high schools, focusing on a different theme each month:
    • Walk to School Safely
    • Burn Prevention
    • Fire Prevention
    • Water Safety
    • Distracted and Drowsy Driving Prevention
    • Violence Avoidance Education
  • Partnership with support groups such as Moms Bonded by Grief to discuss violence prevention
  • American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma Stop the Bleed Campaign
    • Over 100 courses taught and counting…
    • During the COVID pandemic we partnered with Stop the Spread, providing over 700 hand sanitizers to different community organizations.