Acute Care Surgery

Our faculty members head funded research projects, publish in peer-reviewed journals, author book chapters and present frequently at local and national conferences.

We also work closely with other groups to promote awareness, research and prevention of injury. 

Peer Reviewed Publications

Recent Publications

Fibrotic interstitial lung disease occurring as sequelae of COVID-19 pneumonia despite concomitant steroids

COVID-19: The Second Wave-Are There Lessons from the First Wave to Prepare Us for the Second Wave?

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Hepatic autotransplant for hepatic vein avulsion after blunt abdominal trauma

COVID-19 pandemic: The value of antibody testing for imaging facilities

Meeting the challenge of analgesia in a pregnant woman with burn injury using subanesthetic ketamine: A case report and literature review

COVID 19- Tips for getting back to work

The Use of Integra Dermal Regeneration Templates and Cortical Bone Fenestrations over Exposed Tibia

Can imaging impact the coronavirus pandemic?

Asymptomatic trauma patients screened for venous thromboembolism have a higher risk profile with lower rate of pulmonary embolism: A five-year single-institution experience

Geriatric patients on antithrombotic therapy as a criterion for trauma team activation leads to over triage

Paraduodenal Hernia: a Rare Cause of Acute Abdominal Pain

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