Marianne Able Career Services Center

Applying to Graduate School

Should you go on to graduate school? Is it the right move for you at this point in your career? The resources below will help you give your decision careful consideration, weighing all the factors as you navigate this process.

  • Grad School: To Go or Not To Go (PDF)
    There are many factors to consider as you explore the idea of going to graduate school.
  • Grad School: Application Timeline (PDF)
    Follow this general timeline to keep yourself on track. Time frames are approximate: Check the deadlines for your schools of interest and adjust accordingly.
  • Grad School: Getting In (PDF)
    Getting into grad school is far from a slam-dunk. Undergraduates are up against not only their peers, but also nontraditional students who have been in the work force and are returning to school to enhance their skills. Set yourself apart from the competition and stand out to graduate school admissions recruiters with these helpful tips.
  • Graduate School Guide (
    Search colleges and universities that offer graduate programs that interest you.