Finance for Jefferson Suppliers

Submitting Invoices

Submitting proper invoices helps facilitate prompt and proper payments.  Accounts Payable reviews the invoice to ensure it meets all requirements for payment.

Getting Paid by Jefferson

It is in our best interest to ensure a smooth and efficient payment process whether via check or electronic methods.  Contact Accounts Payable to discuss payment methods.

Prompt payment checklist:

  • An itemized invoice including Purchase Order number has been provided to Jefferson. Packing lists, quotes, estimates, or monthly statements will not be accepted by Accounts Payable for payment processing.
  • Jefferson has required tax forms on file for your business.
  • As a tax-exempt institution, sales tax has been excluded (where appropriate).

Assuming the purchase order, invoice and receipt for items are in agreement, payments are generated biweekly to suppliers. If an invoice is unable to be paid, Accounts Payable will work with Supply Chain Management, the ordering department, and/or the supplier to address the inconsistency.

Credit Due Jefferson

If an item is returned, a credit memo should be mailed to Accounts Payable referencing the original Purchase Order number. (If multiple credits are due, a credit notice needs to be sent for each applicable Purchase Order.)

Credit notices should be mailed to:

Thomas Jefferson University
Accounts Payable
1020 Walnut Street
532 Scott Building
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Credit will typically be applied against your next payment.