Office of Student Life & Engagement

Online New Student Orientation

Welcome New Students!

The Online New Student Orientation consists of presentations and quizzes to be completed via Jefferson’s online learning platform, Canvas. The self-paced modules focus on the delivery of federally mandated information, university policies and procedures, and academic and student services.

Below are the dates the Online University Orientation will become available to incoming students by term for the 2024 orientation season:

  • Spring Start Students – December, 1st 2023
  • Pre-Fall & Summer Start Students – April 2024
  • Fall Start Students – June 2024

The orientation hold on your account will be satisfied only upon successful completion of the "Jefferson Students Online University Orientation 23-24 (JSOUO 23-24)" course in Canvas.*

  • Incoming students will be manually enrolled in the Online University Orientation course by the Office of Student Life & Engagement, and should be able to see it in their Dashboard once the course becomes available for their start term. If you are not able to see the course, please email us for assistance at:
  • From the course home page, read the information and then begin to progress through each module. Get familiar with how to navigate through Canvas.
  • The course may be done at your convenience and own pace, provided all components are completed in full prior to the first day of class.

Here is what you can expect to see within the Online University Orientation Canvas course:

  • Welcome Video From Jefferson Students
  • New Student Survey From Office of Assessment & Accreditation
  • Jefferson Overview (interactive module and quiz)
  • University Services Presentation (interactive module and quiz)
  • Paying Your Bill Tutorial (presentation and quiz)
  • Eight Dimensions of Wellness (interactive module and quiz)
  • Stress Management (interactive module and quiz)
  • Drug and Alcohol Use (interactive module and quiz)
  • Jefferson Policies (interactive module and quiz)
  • Title IX Presentation (interactive module and quiz)
  • Campus Safety and Security (interactive module and quiz)
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Unconscious Bias Training (presentation and quiz)
  • Option Virtual Campus Tour and Residence Hall Tours

*If you complete the Online University Orientation prior to your term's launch date, it will NOT satisfy your University Orientation hold. 

If you have any questions regarding this requirement, please reach out to the Office of Student Life & Engagement via email or at 215-503-7743.