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Zhongshan-Jefferson Diagnostic Ultrasound Training
Center (Shanghai, P.R. China)

Zhizhang Xu, Professor and Director

Affiliate Center Director
Zhizhang Xu, Professor and Director

Professor Zhi-zhang Xu is a graduate of Shanghai Medical University and is presently Professor and Director, Division of Diagnostic Ultrasound ZhongShan Hospital, Shanghai Medical University. Professor Zhi-zhang Xu is widely recognized as a pioneer of ultrasound in China and he received the Pioneer Award by the World Federation of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology and the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine in October 1988. Professor Xu is presently Vice-President, Chinese Association of Medical Imaging Technology (CAMIT), Vice-President, Society of Ultrasound in medicine of Chinese Medical Association (SUM-CDMA), a Senior Member of the Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE), Vice-President of the Shanghai Bio-medical Engineering Society and Vice-President of the Shanghai Acoustic Society. Professor Xu has published more than 50 papers and has received numerous awards from national and international societies, including the Advanced Scientific-Technological Award by the Public Health Ministry of the People’s Republic of China in 1992.

Date Center Established

June 10, 1996


Zhizhang Xu, M.D. Professor
Weiqi Wang, Ph.D. Professor
Aihong Zhang, M.D. Professor
Yun Wen, M.D. Professor
Meili Ling, M.D. Professor
Shan Yan, M.D. Professor
Juehua Zhang, M.D. Professor
Zongwen Shen, M.D. Professor

Bing Hu, M.D. Professor
Li Shen, M.D. Associate Professor
Jianguo Yu, M.D. Professor
Husheng Xiao, M.D. Professor
Wenping Wang, M.D. Professor
Limin Liu, M.D. Associate Professor
Dong Ding, M.D. Associate Professor
Hui Zhang, M.D. Associate Professor

Educational Programming Opportunities

Basic principles, advances of medical ultrasound and clinical value of sonographic analysis

  • Basic physics of diagnostic ultrasound
  • Harmonic technology in diagnostic ultrasound
  • Effects of transmitted ultrasound on human tissue and basic concepts of flow hemodynamics
  • Adjustment essentials of operating ultrasound system
  • Analytic principles and correct terminology in diagnostic ultrasound
  • Principles and new technology of contrast ultrasonography; Progresses and advances in medical ultrasound
  • Artifacts and pitfalls in diagnostic ultrasonography

Application of diagnostic ultrasound and interventional ultrasound in hepatocellular carcinoma

  • Analytic rules for 2-D ultrasonography, color flow imaging and pulsed Doppler; application of medical ultrasound in hepatic cancer
  • Color Doppler flow imaging and pulsed Doppler in the diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma and differential diagnosis for other hepatic lesions
  • Introduction of interventional ultrasonography
  • Advances in the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma
  • US-guided percutaneous sodium morrhuate injection and several kinds of physical energy intratumorous therapy in hepatic tumors
  • Interventional treatment with alcohol transculaneous injection in hepatic tumors
  • Demonstration (US-guided alcohol injection in hepatocellular carcinoma)
  • Application of interventional ultrasonography in the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma with thrombolysis in portal venous system
  • Advances of medical ultrasound

Brief History

The "Zhongshan-Jefferson" Diagnostic Ultrasound Training Center was founded on June 10, 1996. The preparatory work of educational program has been arranged in combination with our domestic Medical continuity Educational Items which will be recognized by everywhere in our country, and authorized on China National Category I Credit for attending persons.

During 1997-98, an educational course was arranged for 8 days once a year. From 1999, the 8 day program will be provided twice per year.

Profile of our Education Center

The "Zhongshan-Jefferson" Diagnostic ultrasound training Center is located in Zhongshan Hospital, Shanghai Medical University, which is a Affiliated Educational Center of the Jefferson Ultrasound Research and Educational Institute, and joined with the Division of Diagnostic Ultrasound of Zhongshan Hospital. There are 1100 beds and 1800 staff (doctors, nurses, etc.), the Liver Cancer Institute and the Shanghai Cardiovascular Institute are located in this hospital. Approximately 500 hepatic cancer operations and 400 cardiac operations are done every year. More than 60,000 ultrasound examinations are performed annually (including out-patients and inpatients, as well as consulting patients.) The division is staffed by 11 physicians (who work as physicians and manipulators both), 3 fellows, 3 sonographers (acting as both sonographer and part-time nurse) and more than 12 visiting scholars or staff members from other hospitals.

The training course covers the clinical applications of modern color flow imaging technique in areas of orbital, thyroid, breast, liver, spleen, pelvic organs, abdominal and pelvic vessels, carotid and peripheral vessels, etc. Demonstrations and hand-on practice are also be arranged such as for searching a small hepatic carcinoma, contrast sonography for tumor vascular and intervensional ultrasound for biopsy and therapeutic purpose.

Current Projects

  1. Research work: Color velocity imaging quantification (CVIQ) on volume flow quantification for estimation of A-V shunt.
  2. Compile book: A book named "Recent Abdominal Diagnostic Ultrasound" (More than 650 pages and over 1000 figures) will be published before the end of first quarter next year. The idea of book-writing is aroused and urged by the training course of "Zhongshan-Jefferson" Diagnostic Ultrasound Training Center

Contact Information

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