BS in Fashion Design


Kanbar College of Design, Engineering & Commerce


Bachelor of Science


East Falls


On Campus


125 - 127


4 Years

Students are supported and encouraged to complete internships and gain as much real-world experience as possible while studying at Thomas Jefferson University. Below is a typical course sequence for a fashion design undergraduate student.

Total: 125-127 credits

First Year (31-33 credits)

Major Core

  • Drawing Fundamentals (Fall)
  • Fashion Design Research (Fall)
  • Studio I (Spring)
  • Figure Drawing (Spring)
  • Survey of the Textile Industry (Fall)
  • History of Western Art II

DEC Core

  • Integrative Design Process

Hallmarks Core

  • Pathways Seminar
  • Writing Seminar I
  • Topics in American Studies
  • Mathematics

Second Year (30 credits)

Major Courses

  • Studio II (Fall)
  • Fashion Figure Drawing
  • Digital Fashion Design I
  • Studio III (Spring)
  • History of Costumes & Textiles
  • History of 20th Century Designers

DEC Core

  • Dec Systems
  • Framework: Business Models

Hallmarks Core

  • Scientific Understanding
  • Global Diversity
  • Multi Media Communication

Third Year (30 credits)

Major Courses

  • Studio IV (Fall)
  • Fashion Design Development
  • Sustainable Concepts for Fashion Design I
  • Studio V (Spring)
  • Digital Fashion Design II OR Technical Design OR Fashion Illustration I

DEC Core:

  •  Integrative Seminar: Ethnographic Research Methods

Hallmarks Core

  • Ethics
  • American Diversity
  • Global Citizenship
  • Contemporary Global Issues

Fourth Year (34 credits)

Major Core

  • Apparel Fabric Performance
  • Studio VI Capstone (Fall)
  • Studio VII Capstone (Spring)
  • Portfolio Layout and Development
  • Apparel CAD/CAM
  • Designated Fashion Design Elective: Diversity in Design, Virtual 3D Fashion, Sustainable Design Concepts for Fashion II, Technical Design, Digital Fashion Design II, Hand Knitting for Fashion Design, Fashion Illustration I, Fashion Illustration II

Free Electives

  • [3] Free Electives (9 credits)

Hallmarks Core

  • Philosophies of The Good Life