Postdoctoral Fellowship in Health Services Research

The Postdoctoral Fellowship in Health Services Research is a two year program.

Application Process & Timeline

Postdoctoral process timeline varies. Please contact Amy Cunningham, PhD, MPH for more information.

The Postdoctoral Fellowship in Health Services Research consists of:

  • An Individualized Research Project and mentorship within the Department of Family & Community Medicine (DFCM)
  • Fellowship Curriculum: Research Seminars; Research Methodology; Professional Development and Writing Seminars; Director's Meetings; and Clinical Sessions; Education Didactic and Experimental Learning

The Postdoctoral Fellow in Health Services Research undertakes his or her research project with the following criteria in mind:

  • Topic is of national importance and will produce meaningful and transferable findings;
  • Topic will enhance, complement, and mesh with existing departmental research themes;
  • Rigorous methodology will provide foundation for publishable results; and
  • Research provides a foundation for the fellow to apply to the NIH for a career development K-award, or other similar career development award or grant.

The Postdoctoral Fellow in Health Services Research should be interested in and excited by exchange of ideas in research, rigorous data analysis, and meaningful contributions to the existing body of knowledge that will impact behavior and health. Fellows should be motivated by career goals within academic family medicine. Fellows will also participate in other general academic and educational curricular activities, as well as maintain a part-time clinical practice to maintain and expand their clinical skills. Fellows will present, publish, and be prepared for an academic career in family medicine at the end of the fellowship.


  • To gain faculty development experiences in research and evaluation
  • To gain experience in preparing and submitting grant applications
  • To develop skills that facilitate research dissemination including training in technical and scientific writing and presentation
  • To complete coursework relevant to the fellow’s area of interest and other curriculum for continued professional development


  • Development of an individualized research and mentorship plan
  • Completion of at least one independent research project per year
  • Participation in regular fellowship meetings with mentors
  • Participation in department research seminar, with at least two presentations per year
  • Presentation at one or more national meetings per year
  • 1-2 first-authored publications per year; additional publications as co-author
  • Preparation and submission of a grant submission for a career development or equivalent award by the conclusion of the fellowship

Available to Fellows at DFCM are an extensive research network, patient population, computers, and staff research assistants. A long and successful fellowship program of over twenty years has led to well-defined research milestones for fellows. 

Randa Sifri, MD, Research Fellowship Director, is a senior researcher and the Department's Director of Research.  Amy Cunningham, PhD, MPH is the Postdoctoral Fellowship Director and Associate Director of Research.  Howard Rabinowitz, MD is Professor Emeritus, and is a member of the National Academy of Medicine (formerly known as the Institute of Medicine). Other departmental mentors provide requisite structure, environment, expertise and guidance to nurture and direct the Fellow's research and career plans. Your interest and application are welcome.  

For any questions regarding the Postdoctoral Fellowship in Health Services Research, please contact Dr. Cunningham.