Sports Medicine Fellowship

The Sports Medicine Fellowship is a dynamic and intensive one-year experience, designed to provide the requisite academic and clinical experience to begin a career as a leader in Sports Medicine. The Sports Medicine Fellowship combines a clinical focus with course work in the fundamentals of teaching, writing, and performing quality research. Sports Medicine Fellows work closely with Sports Medicine preceptors, and are fully integrated into the Department of Family and Community Medicine and Rothman Orthopaedics at Jefferson Health.

The fellow’s clinical activities allow for close mentoring and supervision while providing the opportunity for a great deal of autonomy and independence. Fellows follow patients in an exceptionally busy Sports Medicine/Orthopedics office under the supervision of the Fellowship Director, Alexis Tingan, MD. The year is broken down into several longitudinal rotation experiences ranging from one month to six months in length. Sub-specialty rotations include experiences in both the outpatient office and the operating room.

Sports Medicine Fellows are responsible for providing care to a number of organized athletic programs. Coverage includes profession, DI, DII, DIII, High School and recreational programs giving the full breadth of sports experience. We also provide coverage for a number of annual events including the Philadelphia Marathon and Pink Invitational. The Fellow’s responsibilities regarding these programs require a significant time commitment, diligence, and attention to detail. Year-round weekly attendance in each of the training rooms is required. Event coverage frequently occurs in the evenings and on weekends.

The program's continued success has led to growth and development of the University's first Division of Sports & Exercise Medicine.  The Division focuses on the importance of keeping all populations physically active throughout the spectrum of life. 

The Sports Medicine Fellowship at Thomas Jefferson University is a rigorous clinical and educational program. The rewards for completing the Fellowship are great. The skills learned and experiences gained prepare the fellow for the highest level of career path in the field of Sports Medicine. 

Why Jefferson?

Core Faculty

Alexis Tingan, MD
Division Director
Fellowship Director

Jeremy Close, MD
Michael Mallow, MD (PM&R)
Stephen Stache, MD
Marc Harwood, MD
R. Robert Franks, DO
Barry Kenneally, MD
Christopher Mehallo, DO
Kathleen O'Brien, MD (Peds Sports)
Michael Wolf, MD (Peds Sports)

Orthopedic Surgical Faculty

Current Faculty Research Topics in Sports Medicine:

  • Exercise Beliefs During Pregnancy in an Urban Minority Population
  • Sports Specialization in Dance
  • The Utility of Yearly Screening Laboratory in Professional Baseball
  • Monovisc hip study
  • Nonop ACL Retrospective Review
  • Medication Management Strategies for Concussion
  • Sacral Stress Fractures in Runners
  • Vitamin Therapy in Concussion Management: a Randomized, Controlled Study
  • NSAIDs and Stress Fracture
  • Stress Fracture Risk Factors and Beliefs in Dancers and Runners
  • Diabetes Continuous Glucose Monitor Study after Corticosteroids
  • Heartbytes Registry for SCA/SCD