• Center for Mitochondrial Imaging Research & Diagnostics The purpose of the MitoCare Center is to exploit microscopic imaging and other advanced technologies to delineate the mechanisms of the emerging and multiple mitochondrial involvements in normal tissue function and human diseases.
  • Center for Molecular Carcinogenesis - The Center for Molecular Carcinogenesis is composed of a multidisciplinary research team that studies the initiation and progression of human cancers that are induced by environmental factors, such as metal carcinogens.
  • Daniel Baugh Institute - DBI Research interests center on the development and use of quantitative system-wide "omic" datasets towards integrative modeling and computational analysis of the dynamics of biological systems.
  • Genomic Pathology Clinical Laboratory - The Genomic Pathology Laboratory manages a wide range of molecular biology-based testing for the Hospitals’ in- and outpatient populations. The laboratory’s multi-faceted expertise includes sequencing, quantitative PCR, FISH, and karyotyping.