Center for Mitochondrial Imaging Research & Diagnostics

The purpose of the MitoCare Center is to exploit microscopic imaging and other advanced technologies to delineate the mechanisms of the emerging and multiple mitochondrial involvements in normal tissue function and human diseases.

The specific goals of MitoCare are as follows:

  • To be the first center at an academic medical institution to focus on mitochondrial microscopic imaging research and diagnostics.
  • To integrate cutting edge imaging with metabolic technologies, genetics and proteomics.
  • To exploit this toolkit in deciphering mitochondrial contributions to normal and impaired tissue function.
  • To elucidate defects in mitochondrial physiology that cause human disease.
  • To establish fluorescence-based protocols for the diagnosis of human mitochondrial diseases and new opportunities for testing potential therapies.
  • To provide a national and worldwide research and educational resource for mitochondrial studies.

Research Areas

  • Cell Metabolism, in particular fatty acid metabolism.
  • Cell Signaling, mitochondrial and sarco/endoplasmic reticulum calcium handling.
  • Organellar dynamics.
  • Mitochondria in cardiac and skeletal muscle diseases.
  • Mitochondria in liver/metabolic diseases, including alcoholic liver disease and liver regeneration.
  • Mitochondria and cancer.
  • Mitochondria in neurodegeneration.

Shared Facilities