Interventional Radiology – Integrated


  • Center City Campus
  • Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Degree Earned

  • Residency

Program Length

6 years

Program Type

  • On Campus

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Name: Robert Adamo, MD
Position: Program Director, Interventional Radiology Residency Programs, Integrated & Independent


Name: Michelle Grasso
  • Education Coordinator, Interventional Radiology Residency Programs

132 South Tenth Street
10th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Current Program Structure


PGY-2, 3, & 4

  • Spends  12 months in Diagnostic Radiology rotations and one month in Interventional Radiology
  • Takes Core Examination – American Board of Radiology (End of PGY4 year).


  • spends ten months in Interventional Radiology; one month in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit,  one month in Hepatology/Oncology; and one month in Vascular Medicine/Surgery


  • spends 13 months in Interventional Radiology 

IR Call Responsibilities

PGY-3 & 4

  • three months Junior Night Float, two months Senior Night Float


  • two weeks Senior Night Float


  • takes “buddy” call with junior residents

IR trainees on average take one in five calls (home call with service cell/pager).

Interventional radiology  has its own dedicated call team 

Case Mix/Volume/Resources

The hospital utilizes:

  • State of the art angiography suites.
  • Cone-beam capability (XperCT, XperGuide) and all 4 rooms are lose-dose Clarity® equipment.
  • 10-bed patient holding/recovery area
  • IR clinic room in main hospital
  • Advanced technology patient scheduling that is remotely accessible.
  • 2 technologists and 1 RN per room
  • IR admitting service
  • Separate Biopsy service with dedicated interventional CT scanner and 3 Ultrasound procedure rooms.
  • 4 Physician assistants, 1 Nurse Practitioner
  • Dedicated team of PICC nurses five days a week

IR sees/performs

  • > 6,000 procedural patient encounters/year
  • >  3,000 procedures/year on separate interventional ultrasound and biopsy service
  • >  900 liver-directed embolization procedures/year 

Services provided include:

  • Full array of Interventional Oncology procedures
  • Women’s health (UAE, Pelvic congestion syndrome)
  • TIPS/B-RTO/Transjugular liver biopsy
  • Venous insufficiency/Complex Venous Intervention and Recanalization
  • IVC filter placement and retrieval
  • Lymphatic intervention (thoracic duct embolization)
  • Endoleak repair
  • Placement and management of Biliary/GU/Abscess drainage catheters
  • Enteral feeding access.
  • Venous access
  • Dialysis access maintenance