Undergraduate Medical Education

Learning Environment

Sidney Kimmel Medical College values all learners and educators and promotes a learning environment where they feel supported, challenged, valued and respected. Our mission is to enhance and to continue to improve upon all the elements that contribute to an outstanding learning environment at Thomas Jefferson University and our affiliates. Experience and research have taught that each learner and teacher has the power to contribute in a meaningful way to a positive learning environment and, conversely, that anyone can also damage or negatively impact that environment. And with that power comes the ability to create and sustain a positive learning environment.

Jefferson offers opportunities to recognize excellence and to report concerns. You can be a part of making the Jefferson learning environment the best it can be! There is zero tolerance for student mistreatment and any concerns can be addressed through this form. Respectful feedback allows each of us to thrive in a respectful culture.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact John Spandorfer MD, Associate Dean for Professionalism in Medicine, Sidney Kimmel Medical College at John.Spandorfer@Jefferson.edu