Undergraduate Medical Education


  • Center City Campus
  • Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Degree Earned

  • Medical Doctor

Program Length

45 months

Program Type

  • On Campus

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Our Team

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Steven Herrine, MD
Vice Dean, Academic Affairs/UME
Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Deborah Ziring, MD
Senior Associate Dean, Academic Affairs/UME

David Abraham, PhD
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs/UME

Katherine Berg, MD, MPH 
Associate Dean of Assessment
Academic Affairs/UME

Abigail Kay, MD
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs/UME

John Spandorfer, MD
Rogers B. Daniels Associate Dean of Professionalism in Medicine

Elizabeth Spudich, PhD
Anatomy, Histology & Embryology Thread Director

Charles Scott, PhD
Biochemistry, Genetics & Nutrition Thread Director

Katherine Berg, MD, MPH
Interim Clinical Skills Thread Director

Alan Cherney, MD
Evidence-Based Medicine Thread & Informatics Thread Director

Dimitrios Papanagnou, MD, MPH
Health Systems Science Thread Director

Salvatore Mangione, MD
Humanities Thread Co-Director

Megan Voeller
Humanities Thread Co-Director

Carolyn Kramer, MD
Infection & Immunity Thread Director

Alexander Macnow, MD 
Pathology Thread Director, Phase 1

Joanna Chan, MD
Pathology Thread Director, Phases 2 & 3

Carol L. Beck, PharmD, PhD
Pharmacology Thread Co-Director

Bhavik Shah, PharmD
Pharmacology Thread Co-Director

Melanie Elliott, PhD
Physiology Thread Director

David Oxman, MD
Professionalism & Ethics Thread Director

Nethra Ankam, MD
Wellness Thread Director

Urvashi Vaid, MD
Phase 1 Director

Year 1 Block Directors

Lara Phillips, MD
Block 1 Clinical Medicine Director

Erin Seifert, PhD
Block 1 Basic Science Director

Christopher Snyder, PhD
Block 2 Basic Science Director

Marlana Orloff, MD
Block 2 Clinical Medicine Director

Darren Mehay, PhD
Block 3A & 3B Basic Science Director

Urvashi Vaid, MD
Block 3A & 3B Clinical Medicine Director

Alyson Owen, MD
Block 3A Cardiology Content Expert

Aleksandra Snyder, PhD
Block 4A & 4B Basic Science Director


Omar Maarouf, MD
Block 4A Clinical Medicine Director

Aaron Martin, MD
Block 4B Clinical Medicine Director

Year 2 Block Directors

Elizabeth Spudich, PhD
Block 5 Basic Science Director

Danielle Cullen, MD
Block 5 Clinical Medicine Director

Costas Lallas, MD 
Block 5 Urology Content Expert

Barbara Simon, MD
Block 5 Endocrinology Content Expert 

Paul Howard, DPT, PhD
Block 6 Basic Science Director

Eileen Shieh, MD
Block 6 Clinical Medicine Director

Matthew Keller, MD
Block 6 Dermatology Content Expert 

Sherry Yang, MD 
Block 6 Dermatology Content Expert 

Chantel Park, MD
Block 6 Rheumatology Content Expert 

Aleksandra Snyder, PhD
Block 7 Basic Science Director

Keira Chism, MD
Block 7 Clinical Medicine Director

Lindsay Higdon, MD
Block 7 Neurology Content Expert

Chantel Park, MD
Block 8 Director

Additional Phase 1 Administration

Susan Truong, MD
Director, Case-Based Learning

Paul Scoles, MD
Case-based Learning Case Developer

Monika K. Shirodkar, MD
Director, Clinical Skills Small Group

Phase 1 Coordinators

Shirley Torres
Education Programs Administrator,
Phase 1, Year 1


Mark Kennedy, MFA
Education Programs Administrator, Phase 1, Year 2


Jessica Porter, MSc
Education Coordinator, CBL


Scholarly Inquiry

Karen Bussard, MS, PhD
 Co-Director, Scholarly Inquiry

Michael Pasirstein, MD, MPH, 
Co-Director, Scholarly Inquiry 


Nia Leonard
Education Program Manager, Scholarly Inquiry


Visit the Scholarly Inquiry Team page to view Track Directors & Staff

Aparna Sarin, MD 
Physician Director, Clinical Experience

Megan Voeller
Co-Director, Humanities

Marcie Mamura
Education Coordinator, Humanities Selectives 


Nina Mingioni, MD 
Phase 2 Director  

Clerkship Directors

Neeru Rattan, MD
Anesthesia Clerkship Director

Alan Cherney, MD
Emergency Medicine Clerkship Co-Director

Chaiya Laotepitaks, MD
Emergency Medicine Clerkship Co-Director

Maria Syl De la Cruz MD
Family Medicine Clerkship Director

Jillian Zavodnick, MD
Internal Medicine Clerkship Director

Andres Fernandez, MD
Neurology Clerkship Director

Courtney Seebadri-White, MD
Neurology Clerkship Associate Director


Stavropoula Tjoumakaris, MD
Neurosurgery Clerkship Director 

Katherine Lackritz, MD
Obstetrics/Gynecology Clerkship Director

Bruce Markovitz, MD
Ophthalmology Clerkship Director 

Richard Goldman, MD
Otolaryngology Clerkship Director

Jessica Tomaszewski, MD
Pediatrics Clerkship Director

Alan Hilibrand, MD
Orthopedics Clerkship Director

Mitchell Cohen, MD
Psychiatry Clerkship Director

David Beckman, MD
Psychiatry Clerkship Assistant Director

Tyler Grenda, MD
Surgery Clerkship Associate Director

Renee Tholey, MD
Surgery Clerkship Director

Dolores Shupp-Byrne, PhD
Clerkship Director & Coordinator, Urology

Clerkship Coordinators

Mary Long
Clerkship Coordinator, Anesthesia

Steven Bulizzi
Clerkship Coordinator, Emergency Medicine

Amy Levine
Clerkship Coordinator, Family Medicine

Laura Monroe
Clerkship Coordinator, Family Medicine

Shannon Aubin
Clerkship Coordinator, Internal Medicine, Phase 3

Hannah Morgan
Clerkship Coordinator, Internal Medicine, Phase 2

Bruce Allen
Clerkship Coordinator, Neurology

Michelle Hoffman
Clerkship Coordinator, Neurosurgery

Mary Costa
Clerkship Coordinator, Otolaryngology

Kerry Lorincz
Clerkship Coordinator, Orthopedics

Kelly Quici
Clerkship Coordinator, Orthopedics

Karen Keane
Clerkship Coordinator, Otolaryngology

Karen Baseman
Clerkship Coordinator, Pediatrics

Jaynie Estrada
Clerkship Coordinator, Psychiatry

Lauren Burr
Clerkship Coordinator, Surgery

Sherry Weitz
Clerkship Coordinator, Surgery

Janice Harper
Coordinator, Urology, Phase 3

Lisa Peeler
Coordinator, Urology, Phase 2

Shruti Chandra, MD
Phase 3 Director

Sybil Fullard
Education Program Manager, Phase 3 


Pathway Directors  

Maria Syl DeLaCruz MD
Pathway Director, Family Medicine

Jaime Glorioso, MD 
Pathway Director, Surgery 

Jennifer Valentine, MD
Pathway Director, Medicine

Danielle Cullen, MD
Pathway Advisor, Ob-Gyn

Chaiya Laoteppitaks, MD
Pathway Advisor, Emergency Medicine

Adil Solaiman, MD
Pathway Director, Pediatrics

Course Directors

Dianna Cheney-Peters, MD
Medicine Sub-Internship Course Director

David Oxman, MD
Critical Care Experience Director

Shruti Chandra, MD
Gateway to Internship Course Director

Arthur Au, MD
Gateway to Internship Ultrasound Lead Facilitator

Danielle Cullen, MD
Gateway to Internship Surgical Pathway Small Group Lead Facilitator

Natalie Margules, MD
Gateway to Internship Medicine Pathway Simulation Lead Facilitator

Peter Tomaselli, MD 
Gateway to Internship Surgical Pathway Simulation Lead Facilitator

Lim Wong, MD
Gateway to Internship Medicine Pathway Small Group Lead Facilitator

Katherine Berg, MD
Associate Dean of Assessment

Kathleen Day, MS
Director of Student Assessment


John Guarnieri
Director, CQI Data Analytics 


Micah Vider, MA
Assessment Program Manager


Anita Wilson, PhD, MEd
Senior Psychometrician


Jennifer Hill
Data Analyst, Phase 1


Theo Clark
Data Analyst, Phases 2 and 3


Alison Washkalavitch, MS
Educational Business Manager


Jennifer Peck, MFA
Curriculum Technology Specialist


Yana Panich
Executive Assistant to Dr. Steven Herrine