Undergraduate Medical Education


  • Center City Campus
  • Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Degree Earned

  • Medical Doctor

Program Length

45 months

Program Type

  • On Campus

Call to Actions

Phase Two

PHASE 2 is the core clerkship year, offering invaluable experience at one of our many area hospitals

Length: 12 Months

  • Core clinical activities complimented by related science
  • Research and humanities threads continue
  • Four weeks of vacation

Phase 2 has four sets of paired core clerkships, each 12 weeks long. These pairings are intentionally designed to create a deeper well of knowledge for students, illuminating similarities in processes and care of patients throughout the core clerkships.

JeffMD Phase 2 Timetable

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SKMC Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (LIC) at Atlantic Health System

Our LIC is an innovative model for the clinical clerkship year organized around the principle of continuity — continuity of patient care, continuity of student supervision, continuity of curriculum study.

JeffMD Curriculum Overview

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