Institute for Smart & Healthy Cities Venice Exhibit 2023

Student Projects

Center City Technology & Innovation Hub

  • Gabriella Bellino

The centralized location of this site proved to be the ideal location for the Jefferson Campus Innovation Hub.  Located on the corner of 10th and Walnut Streets, the hub is a space dedicated to scientific innovation and research while promoting the spread of information between doctors, researchers, and students on the Jefferson Campus.  Located in an area of the city with few pedestrian friendly streets and little green space, the hub and its surrounding space  incorporate sustainable elements that contribute to the urban fabric in a positive way. 

The hub itself contains lecture halls and exhibition spaces, open to the public to display the cutting edge research and innovations developed inside.  On the upper levels, the hub is split into four program groups, each dedicated to a specific research field.

The building facade has cell inspired breaks which enclose the interior winter garden and collaboration spaces located throughout the building.  These collaboration spaces link to the central spine of the hub which serves as a connection between the different research groups present, promoting the spread of information.  The central spine also allows green spaces to connect from one collaboration space to the next creating a green spine through the center of the building. 

A dawn rendering showing the Hub as seen from the Comcast Center.
Axonometric view from the North East, showing the surrounding campus and city.
Conceptual diagrams show the cell inspired facade, and central spine which connect the public space around the building, aiding the distribution of information.
A typical floor plan displaying the arrangement of labs, open office spaces, and collaborative spaces designed to encourage the sharing of research findings.
A site section showing the interior spine, and diagrams highlighting the South facing winter gardens (left), and the curved glass facade panels which provide desired views of the surrounding city (right).
A sunrise rendering of the Hub, showing the skyline in the background.
A birds eye view showing the Hub integrated with the Philadelphia Skyline.