Institute for Smart & Healthy Cities Venice Exhibit 2023

Tronchetto B - Master Plan

  • Joseph Falcone & Colin White 

With the impending climate threats overhead, Tronchetto B  is a built environment that is resiliently designed in order to actively remain future-proof. The programmatic elements were carefully selected in order to best fit the needs of Venice, more specifically the population and economic side of the city. Starting from the south end of Tronchetto B a concert hall is placed, which then flows into areas of residential spaces that line the entire west side of Tronchetto B, while the right side is occupied by commercial spaces and offices, which are then met by the series of closed, semi-open, and open-air markets. The roof systems that cover the concert hall and market spaces are layered with solar panels to promote the use of green energy along the island while being surrounded by public green spaces. The green energy also works cohesively with the autonomous bus line that will run and function as smart means of transportation from each end of the island. The open-air market spaces are also angled to promote proper air ventilation. Between each island, the implantation of green canals is being used for dual purposes. One purpose is that these canals are set districts within Port II as well as acting as retention ponds when necessary in the cases that flooding does occur.

Tronchetto B master plan which displays the series of buildings created to revitalize the Tronchetto.
Tronchetto B programmatic layout which displays the 5 major uses throughout the site.
Tronchetto B transportation layout displays the three main ways of mobility throughout the site.
Tronchetto B site axon which displays the fully designed Tronchetto in accordance with the surrounding Context.
View along boulevard displaying office and residential buildings.
View along perimeter green belt.

Concert Hall

  • Colin White

The following project focuses primarily on views. The building sits on a redeveloped port overlooking the Venetian water. The project consists of two chambers, one angled toward the Venetian City Center, while the second chamber is angled directly at the mountains. The wavy glass facade is inspired by Venetian water, while also connecting to simple musical theory rules such as repetition and melody.

Exterior view of the Concert Hall from the water
Master plan showing the two chambers that make up the Concert Hall
Perspective section cutting through the main chamber of the Concert Hall, showing adjacent program and scale
Close up section through the main hall
View of secondary hall
View of lobby

Market Space

  • Joseph Falcone 

At the entrance of Tronchetto B, a series of market spaces stand. A closed, semi-open, open and covered boat dock are linearly arranged to promote continuity throughout the site. These resiliently designed forms use the environment to their advantage. Understanding the sun exposure, and prevailing winds, the roofs were angled to embrace those conditions with angled roofs that promote passive cooling and absorb green energy with the solar panel layered roofs. The market spaces also stand versatile in circumstances of flooding especially the closed market space due to the ability to remain completely closed and even open if needed to combat storm surges or flooding 

Aerial Night View which displays the main series of market spaces and the surrounding context.
Site Axon which displays the site of the market space and the rest of the urban plan that was developed on Tronchetto B.
Form series diagrams which explain the derived form from the grid and angled roof that cover the market spaces.
Building Section which displays the continuation of the angles roofs and interior spaces that the market spaces house.
Exterior perspective which displays the semi-open market space, shading devices on the exterior, and the operable doors.
Interior perspective of the market space which displays the structure and roof components as well as the movable carts.