Institute for Smart & Healthy Cities Venice Exhibit 2023

Student Projects

2050 University of the Arts Campus

  • Giovanni Ruiz & Jacqueline Thornton

The 2050 University of the Arts proposal promotes a new educational environment. The new university will focus on interpersonal connections through its varying modular forms that provide a series of different views of the city. The project is composed of two buildings; the taller tower provides housing for students while the shorter building provides the educational program spaces. Multiple studios and classrooms are scattered throughout the education building varying in sizes giving the students ample room for learning. The housing tower provides students with plenty of group space with a kitchenette on each floor and each dorm room receives a beautiful view of Philadelphia.  Additionally, the building is surrounded with greenery to help mediate the negative effects of a dense city where there can be minimal shade, noise, and smog. The foliage placed on street level implants a freshness and stimulates a calming environment. One of the issues that philadelphia faces is the lack of green space, when designing both towers our goal was to make accessible green space balconies for users of the building.

The 2050 University of the Arts sits along South Broad Street in the Art District of the city. Students conveniently have access to numerous theaters, galleries and studios within walking distance.
The current University of the Arts campus is scattered on different properties, the 2050 project proposal will combine the campus onto one site where housing and the education spaces will reside. 1. Existing University of the Arts Campus 2. Combining Program 3. New Open Sites
Due to the building’s dynamic modular structure, it creates an energetic rhythm for its users. Each program receives its own floor and variation of modular spaces. 1. Split Towers 2. Frame Views 3. Varying Heights 4. Green Spaces
Students and visitors have their own entrances on the ground floor to mediate public and private sections of the buildings.
The residential tower provides a kitchenette for each floor where students can prepare meals, hangout or study.
Accessible rooftops are scattered throughout the campus giving students and faculty the opportunity to relax throughout the day.
The new university provides students many studio spaces that vary in views of the city. This dance studio provides a beautiful view of Philadelphia while its other views are shaded with a perforated screen that ornaments the room throughout the day.