Institute for Smart & Healthy Cities Venice Exhibit 2023

Sacca San Biagio Developement

  • Alvia Rios & James Sanchez

“Adapting to the Tides”: A design proposal for Sacca San Biagio is a comprehensive and innovative project that takes a community-based approach to increase the resilience and sustainability of the Venice community, addressing rising sea levels and other environmental challenges. The proposal will also aim to revitalize an underutilized island that serves as a landfill and currently has no direct access to any vaporettos. The proposal will serve to reconnect the island with the rest of Venice by making it a vibrant and thriving part of the city. The project incorporates elevated residential blocks to combat flooding, a primary school focused on educating the younger generation, and a community centre to enhance the community’s resilience and promote inclusivity. In addition, green spaces and softscapes are integrated into the design to mitigate climate change’s effects and provide the community with additional space for recreation and relaxation.

Aerial Day Render showcasing the design proposal for the island of Sacca San Biagio.
Urban Map of Venice and our site within it.On the right, is the site plan for Sacca San Biagio. In addition, the current vaporetto line is highlighted in yellow, with the new proposed vaporetto line highlighted in red. On the site plan are programs such as a primary school (in purple), community center (in blue), residential buildings (in red), central plaza (in gray), and a newly added vaporetto stop (in brown).
Exploded Axon of one housing module. Each module may differ slightly in terms of openings and windows, but they are relatively the same. On the right are the first floor plan (top) and second floor plan (bottom) for the given module.
Plaza render showcasing a new center for the community to gather and relax.
Aerial render of the new island of Sacca San Biagio.
Render taken from the backyard of a set of housing modules. The backyard space is communal space for recreational activities.
Render from within a housing module block. The viewer is placed within a walking path that is slightly sunken to give the residential homes more front privacy.