Institute for Smart & Healthy Cities Venice Exhibit 2023

Tronchetto Master Plan

The goal for the Tronchetto and Iuav campus sites was to repurpose vacant and underutilized spaces to enhance culture and eliminate the existing disconnect with the rest of the city.  This is accomplished through the development of meaningful program groups, the creation of a site-wide circulation network, and a green network that weaves through each site.  

The tronchetto is divided into three sites: A, B, and C.  Each site has a specific programmatic focus, ranging from residential zones to cultural exhibits, designed to increase the vitality of the city through its proposed designs.  The proposed circulation network is an addition to the existing network and promotes public transportation methods while also providing connections to the city centre and mainland in Mestre.  The hardscape of the existing Tronchetto is broken up by the green network which provides access to greenery to all the visitors and residents of the Tronchetto, while simultaneously reducing rainwater runoff and increasing biodiversity in the area.  

At the Iuav Campus, the proposed additions work in harmony with the existing campus by expanding the campus into the adjacent industrial zones, and extending the existing circulation network and greenery to create connections between the campus and Tronchetto developments.  The Campus expansion includes space for design facilities, student housing, and a sports complex.  

Each design on the Iuav campus and Tronchetto sites include sustainable features like solar collection, water mediation strategies, and thermal heating and cooling to reduce the negative environmental impacts of these built spaces.

Zoning Map - Tronchetto Site A focused on creating semi-dense residential neighborhoods and updating the existing infrastructure, Tronchetto Site B focused on entertainment and convenience through program such as a concert hall, market spaces, residential, and mixed use spaces, Tronchetto Site C focused on sustainable housing and showcasing the history of the region and Site D - Iuav Campus Expansion focused on extending the universities programmatic space and connecting the Tronchetto sites to the city.
Proposed new buildings on each site woven into the network of existing buildings.
Site connections shown by the modified vehicle circulation network shown in black, and the modified vaporetto network shown in orange.
Proposed green network weaving through each site, decreasing the density of the built spaces and promoting biodiversity.