Institute for Smart & Healthy Cities Venice Exhibit 2023

Isola Sant'Elena

  • Benjamin Hoffman & Francesco Rizzi Jr.

The northern portion of the island of Sant’Elena contains the historic Stadio Pier Luigi Penzo, home of Venezia FC, and a large open brownfield site. Situated at the end of the Biennale Gardens and adjacent to a residential neighbourhood the site is in a prime location to capitalize on its proximities and bring new life to the area. The stadium is the heart of the site and should have the permanent infrastructure the make the area more active beyond the gameday hours. By including restaurants, bars, and other amenities in the stadium the site can become an everyday destination for residents and fans alike. A field house will also be constructed to provide a location for locals to participate in sports year-round as well as having a fitness centre and multiuse spaces for classes. The existing yacht club will also be improved by creating a new facility with increased amenities for members as well as non-members and providing a space for boat repair and storage. All new structures will be woven together with a series of parks and plazas that will have the flexibility to hold thousands of soccer fans while still providing areas of intimate relaxation. The goal is to provide residents with the permanent infrastructure to allow them to stay and prevent the tourism industry from destroying the city.

Site Analysis : Red - Site Boundary, Yellow - Residential/Commercial Area, Blue - Path of Travel, Black Dash - Vaporetto Lines
Stadium Form Diagrams The base stadium mass was manipulated by a series of cuts and slices to provide better pedestrian access as well as reduce the scale to neighborhood context. The construction lines used to manipulate the stadium are extended across the site to inform landscaping and future building forms.
Building Form Diagrams The stadium construction lines are used to inform the boundaries of the new buildings on the site. Any intersecting construction lines are used to cut, push and extrude a new form that will rise above the sea.
Proposed Site Plan 1. Stadium 2. Field House 3. Yacht Club 4. Vaporetto Station 5. Church 6. Navel Academy 7. Residential Area
Ground Level Plan of Field House showing interior and exterior sports fields as well as locker room facilities
Ground Level Plan of Yacht Club showing boat repair and storage facilities as well as numerous atrium’s
Overall Site Axon

Isola Sant’Elena - The Stadium

Perspective Section through stadium and plaza
Stadium Concourse interior view
Venezia FC Fan Point of View
Field House Perspective Section with adjacent stadium
Yacht Club Roof Deck - Marina View
Isola Sant’Elena approach
Isola Sant’Elena approach