About Us
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Our mission is to provide innovative and unique education and training that will be needed to fill future career, training and certification gaps in healthcare practice and delivery.

Thomas Jefferson University's IEHP is a first-of-its-kind educational think-tank and incubator aimed at providing today the training that workers in healthcare and related disciplines will need tomorrow.  The institute is developing programs in six healthcare related areas - Aging, Clinical, Community Engagement, Integrative Medicine, Data Management and Business of Healthcare.

If you would like additional information about our programs, or if you have questions about the University, please e-mail us at IEHP-Info@Jefferson.edu.

At Thomas Jefferson University we’re building an Institute of Emerging Health Professions, from forensics to habit change to ‘trusted health advisors.’ I predict Emerging Health Professions will soon be a major college and a driver of the health science universities of the future. The bottom line is this: the future of health belongs to patients ‘owning’ their own health, at home, in their neighborhoods and in their communities.

Stephen Klasko, President & CEO
Thomas Jefferson University; CEO, Jefferson Health