Vision, Core Values & Mission

Vision Statement

The Jefferson College of Pharmacy will consistently demonstrate its ability to provide a superb environment that fosters collaborative relationships with healthcare practitioners and scientists that result in the advancement of patient care and safety, educational methodologies and research. It will be recognized as a premier organization that advances the profession of pharmacy through our graduates and our faculty.

  • Our graduates will be recognized for their ability to provide outstanding patient-centered and population-based care; leadership skills; cultural competency; social responsibility; and commitment to maintaining professional competence throughout their careers.
  • Our faculty will be recognized for their strong commitment to the advancement of pharmacy and graduate education, patient care and research; leadership in the professional societies and educational organizations; and strong commitment to the improvement of our community through service initiatives.

Core Values

We are committed to:

  • maintaining a culture that fosters integrity, respect, social responsibility, diversity and compassion;
  • a learner-centered educational environment that recognizes the importance of lifelong learning;
  • meeting the diverse needs of and fostering positive morale among our students, faculty and staff;
  • preparing and encouraging our students to pursue postgraduate education and training programs;
  • the continued professional development and mentoring of our students, faculty and staff;
  • the development of leadership skills among students, faculty and staff;
  • a research-rich environment that stimulates the advancement of science, patient care and safety, and educational effectiveness;
  • maintaining an ongoing assessment program that results in the continuous improvement of our educational program, research endeavors and infrastructure in an effort to maintain/support our mission and vision.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Jefferson College of Pharmacy is to prepare its students for careers in the profession of pharmacy. Through the provision of a learner-centered, interdisciplinary curriculum, our students will develop the requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes to provide excellent patient-centered and population-based care. Consistent with the mission of Thomas Jefferson University, we strive to develop in our students a sense of social, personal and professional responsibility.


Thomas Jefferson University's Doctor of Pharmacy Program is fully accredited until June 30, 2026 

Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education
135 South LaSalle Street, Suite 4100
Chicago, IL 60603-4810